What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures?

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What Do I Do If I Damage My Dentures?

When it comes to dentures, accidents happen. If such accident happened to you, fear not we are here to fit your damaged dentures. Denture damage can induce stress, yet with right actions we can reduce the impact and ensures a prompt resolution.

Immediate Inspection

Initiate the process by checking your dentures for visible damage. Search for fissures, fractures or any anomalies that might impact their functionality. Proceed with caution if found sharp edges that could potentially harm your gums or tongue, steering clear of inadvertent injury.

Functionality Evaluation

Examine the functionality of your dentures by cautiously engaging in biting and chewing activities. Pay attention to any sensations of discomfort, unusual movement or changes in fit. A thorough evaluation facilitates comprehension of the extent of damage, aiding in determining the necessary repairs.

Fixing Methodologies

  • Temporary Fixes at Home

    For minor impairments, like small chips, consider temporary solutions until professional assistance is sought. Products such as denture repair kits are accessible over-the-counter providing a swift resolution. Follow instructions on repair kits for an efficacious short-term remedy.

  • Professional Intervention

    For a sustained and effective resolution consult our denture specialist. Our professionals addressing a spectrum of denture problems and can provide personalized suggestions based on the extent of the damage.

  • Explain the Situation Clearly

    When arranging an appointment provide a comprehensive account of the damage. Clear communication assists the specialist in preparing for the repairing process, fostering a smoother experience for the dentist as well as for the patient.

  • Regular Check-ups

    To avoid future mishaps, schedule regular check-ups with your denture specialist. These periodic examinations empower professionals to identify potential problems before they happen, saving you from more damage and costly repairs.

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