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When you want to straighten your teeth, but you don’t want a smile full of metal, you can get the results you need with clear Invisalign® aligners. The doctors at the Dental Center of Tysons Corner recommend Invisalign because the aligners effectively correct your bite and take care of crooked teeth, yet they’re virtually invisible. If you’re interested in improving the appearance of your teeth, call his office in McLean, Virginia, or schedule an appointment using online booking.

Invisalign Q & A

What is Invisalign®?

Invisalign aligners straighten your teeth just like traditional metal braces but without the metal. The clear, plastic aligners fit over your teeth like a mouthguard, and they’re virtually invisible as they straighten your teeth and correct misalignment problems.

How does Invisalign work?

Using 3-D computer imaging, the doctors create an image of your mouth. They'll use it to develop a detailed treatment plan that maps out how the position of each tooth must change to align properly.

Invisalign technicians use that plan to produce a series of aligners customized to your treatment. Each aligner in the series has a slightly different form, adding new pressure that gradually moves your teeth.

You wear the first aligner for two weeks, then replace it with the second one. As you consistently transition through the series of aligners, your teeth further shift. By the time you finish the last aligner, your teeth are in their new position.

How long will you wear your Invisalign aligners?

You can remove your aligners to eat, brush, and floss. Otherwise, it's important to wear them all the time, even while you sleep. The consistent pressure moves your teeth, and if you leave your aligner out for any period of time, your treatment won't proceed as planned.

Treatment takes about 9-15 months and, on average, patients wear 18-30 aligners during that time. The varying treatment time depends on the extent of changes needed to straighten their teeth.

Will you need to wear a retainer?

It takes time for your jawbone and gums to grow in around the new position of your teeth, so you’ll need to wear a retainer to prevent them from returning to their original position. The doctors develop a schedule for you to follow and determines how long you’ll have to wear your retainer. Invisalign also offers retainers made from the same clear material as your aligners.

If you have crooked teeth, spaces between your teeth, or you need to correct misalignment, call The Dental Center of Tysons Corner to talk about clear Invisalign or use online booking to schedule an appointment.

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