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When you’re embarrassed by a missing or damaged tooth, dental implants can restore your smile, making you feel more attractive and confident. The doctors at the Dental Center of Tysons Corner takes care of your complete implant procedure, from your initial exam through customized implant placement. To learn more about dental implants, please call their office in McLean, Virginia, or book an appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are used to replace one or more missing teeth. The implant is a small, titanium rod that’s inserted into your jawbone, where it replaces the root of your natural tooth. Implants securely anchor a crown or bridge.

You can get one implant for a single crown, several implants for multiple crowns, or two implants to secure a bridge. The doctors can also replace failing implants.

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Dental implants do an exceptional job of restoring your appearance by replacing lost or damaged teeth, but implants provide other health benefits including:

Stable tooth replacement

Your crown or bridge is attached with the same strength and stability as your natural teeth.

Surrounding teeth preserved

Missing teeth leave an empty space that allows surrounding teeth to move out of alignment, affecting your bite and increasing your chance of dental decay. An implant prevents this problem.

A strengthened jaw

When you lose teeth, your jawbone begins to deteriorate and weaken. After the implant is inserted, it stimulates ongoing bone growth to keep your jaw strong and dense.

What should you expect when getting dental implants?

The doctors at The Dental Center of Tysons Corner performs a thorough dental exam including 3-D scans to verify that your gums and jaw are healthy enough to support the implant. The doctor also does computerized presurgical analysis and treatment planning to determine the precise location of the implant.

If your jawbone is too thin or weak to retain an implant, the doctors can perform a bone graft. After the graft, you’ll need to wait several months for the graft to fuse and the bone to strengthen.

When it’s time for your implants, the doctors drill a small hole in your jaw and screw in the implant. As your jaw heals over the next few months, the bone regrows and fuses with the implant, making it as secure as a tooth root.

How are dental restorations attached to the implant?

The doctors place a cap or abutment on top of the implanted rod, then send a 3-D impression of your mouth to the dental lab, which makes a new crown or bridge. When your new crown or bridge is ready, it’s permanently bonded to the implant.

When you’re ready to replace missing teeth, schedule a dental consultation by calling The Dental Center of Tysons Corner or using online booking.

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