Invisalign Treatment


Over the last two decades, people have become unusually and exceedingly conscious about their outlooks. As the interest inclined toward aesthetics, particularly physical, there have been constant aids in technology and cosmetics to improve them. When it comes to your facial beauty, a smile is considered the essence of it. A bright and pleasing smile not only intensifies your beauty but strengthens your confidence as well. It also builds first impressions. So, when it comes to smiling teeth play the most significant role.

Sometimes people are genetically born with misaligned and crooked teeth. Due to this, they become conscious of their smile and either try to avoid smiling or smile with a closed mouth. But teeth are the bones that are visible outside and you cannot hide them forever. That is why the Dental Center of Tysons Corner recommends you get an Invisalign treatment.

invisalign treatment

What is an Invisalign Treatment?

You must have been familiar with metal braces. The thing with metal braces is that people try to avoid those because they tend to be very visible and noticeable. Although the majority of children come to terms with metal braces, adults might find it difficult to accept metal braces. Adults usually have more influencing and active social interactions as compared to children, due to which they are conscious of these. In such situations, Invisalign is recommended.

Invisalign treatment is a dental process in which plastic braces are customized specifically according to your teeth length and the size of your mouth. The core purpose of these braces is to enhance your smile by perfecting imperfect teeth. These plastic braces are also known as Invisalign aligners and are like invisible braces. Invisalign braces are relatively less apparent and more effective in terms of treatment than metal braces.

How these Invisible Braces are made?

As discussed before, Invisalign braces are customized according to your oral needs. The process of making these invisible braces is easy. After booking an appointment for your Invisalign treatment, the measurements of your teeth are taken via x-rays, and a 3D graphic structure is prepared. Then depending upon the condition and requirements of your teeth, it is decided how long you’ll be wearing those braces. Afterward, the final braces are crafted which are removable and easy to fit in again.

What happens after Invisalign treatment is complete?

It is a universal fact that no matter how beautiful a thing, place, or person is, it requires maintenance to make it long-lasting. Without maintenance, things lose their charm quickly and poorly. Similar is the case with Invisalign aligners. Let’s assume for a moment that you are done with your Invisalign treatment and have achieved your desired smile. But you’ll still need to take some precautionary measures to maintain that smile of yours. Or else you’ll face reverse consequences i.e. teeth misalignment again, change in position of teeth, incomplete treatment, and waste of wealth. After all beauty dental treatments are neither cheap nor covered by health insurance. The process of maintenance starts with

1. Retainers: A retainer is an appliance to be worn for a specified period after your treatment. It is silicone rubber molded material that fits around the teeth and forms over them. It’s durable, comfortable, and easy to clean. Retainers from Invisalign are the mainstay of treatment. They come in many different styles and materials, and some can be fitted with teeth on the front so they look like teeth. There are some precautions while you have your retainers on:

  • Avoid eating sweet or sticky food while retainers are on because such food can get stuck in them. This will damage a retainer.
  • Avoid drinking hot drinks when retainers are on. They can melt down.
  • Always cleanse your retainer after taking them off. Wash your retainer at least twice a day.

2. Types of Retainers: Retainers are used to hold teeth in place during restorative treatments. Retainers usually are made of plastic or ceramic, but gold, porcelain, and other metals are sometimes used. They can be used to replace natural tooth structures that have been lost or damaged or to fill in gaps where teeth meet each other. The two main types of retainers:

  • Fixed Retainers – involving screw placement.
  • Removable Retainers – when a metal wire or metal bracket is attached to someone’s natural teeth to hold them in place.

3. Basic Oral Care: After Invisalign treatment, basic oral hygiene is imperative. Make sure you brush and floss your teeth twice daily, at least once per night, using a gentle brushing motion. Use mouthwash and visit your dentist twice daily for 2 weeks following the last Invisalign treatment. After Invisalign treatment, you may notice changes in your teeth and gums. 

You may need to clean or brush more frequently or use dental floss more often. If you experience any of the following problems, tell your dentist right away: soreness, tenderness, swelling, or itching on the face, lips, or tongue. Redness or sensitization of the gums that occurs along with bleeding on brushing and white areas in front of teeth i.e., visible bridges.

Looking to book an appointment for Invisalign Treatment?

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