Dentures and Partial Dentures

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Dentures and partial dentures provide natural-looking artificial teeth, commonly offered at Grove Dental Clinic.

Aging, tooth decay, or accidents can lead to multiple missing teeth. Dentures offer an ideal solution for those struggling with eating and speaking.

Customized dentures ensure improved eating and speaking. Maintenance services are also available for functionality.

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What are the types of dentures?

There are three main types of dentures: temporary, partial dentures, and complete dentures.

Temporary Dentures

We offer temporary dentures during cosmetic dental procedures, ensuring a natural smile while awaiting dental implants or bridges. This solution is ideal for tooth loss due to accidents or sports injuries. Secured with a wire similar to a retainer, temporary dentures are removable and convenient. However, they’re intended for short-term use, typically a few months, and will eventually require replacement. For immediate tooth replacement solutions, contact us at (703) 827-9250. While temporary dentures provide interim relief, they’re not a permanent solution. Patients should consider long-term options such as dental implants or bridges for lasting dental restoration and functionality.

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are ideal for replacing a few missing teeth. Unlike full dentures, these use a gum-colored plastic base held in place by a metal framework. Since full dentures require no remaining natural teeth, partials are essential in such cases. Patients in Mclean can inquire about partials versus permanent cosmetic procedures, as they serve different purposes. Call for a consultation to explore your options.

Mclean Dentures and Repair

Complete Denture

Complete dentures replace all missing teeth, resembling those seen in cartoons and movies. Recent technological advancements have enhanced their comfort and natural appearance. We assess whether complete dentures are the best option or if alternatives suit your needs. After teeth removal, gums typically heal in 8-12 weeks. Waiting ensures a secure fit as gums and bones adjust. Some Virginia patients opt for immediate dentures, foregoing the waiting period. However, adjustments may be necessary as gums and bones settle into their permanent size over time.

How Are Dentures Made?

In order for dentures to be created, patients in Mclean  need to schedule a dental appointment. At this time, the dentist will examine your gums and other teeth to determine if dentures are the best solution for you and if so, what type. A mold will then be taken of your teeth and gums so that the dentures can be created in a dental lab. Typically, several molds or impressions will be made so that the dentist can determine how your jaw functions and moves. Using these impressions, the lab will make a set of dentures that looks natural and fits perfectly. If necessary, adjustments will be made. We can discuss the process in more detail during a consultation.


Benefits of Dentures

Patients in Mclean appreciate the convenience of dentures, offering a non-invasive solution for tooth replacement. Whether full or partial, dentures require no surgery and can be promptly fitted. This provides an efficient solution for those seeking immediate restoration. However, for a more natural feel, individuals may consider cosmetic dentistry options. It’s essential to explore the best fit for your needs, whether you prioritize convenience or a more authentic dental experience.

Negatives of Dentures

Patients at Dental Center of Tysons Corner find that although dentures are functional, they lack the natural feel of teeth. While modern techniques enhance security and comfort, dentures remain separate appliances. Unlike other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dentures may remind patients of tooth loss. Despite improvements, dentures can still loosen during eating or speaking. If experiencing issues, patients can contact Dental Center of Tysons Corner at 703-827-9250 for a consultation to explore potential solutions.

Alternative Options

Patients in Mclean may explore alternative options to traditional dentures, such as implant-supported dentures. This innovative procedure combines the benefits of dentures with the stability of dental implants. By assessing your gums, we can determine if you’re a suitable candidate for this treatment. During the procedure, impressions of your mouth are taken to create dentures securely attached to implants placed beneath your gums. This approach offers both the rapid creation of dentures and the stability provided by implant technology.

How do I care for my dentures?

Every night, remove dentures, rinse them thoroughly, and brush with a denture brush. Clean gums, tongue, and mouth roof with a soft toothbrush and toothpaste. Follow with antiseptic mouthwash. Soak dentures overnight and reinsert in the morning.

Definition of Denture Terminology
Alveolar Bone
The alveolar bone is the bone surrounding the root of the tooth that keeps the tooth in place.
A clasp is a device that holds a removable partial denture prosthesis to the teeth.

Denture Base

The denture base is the part of the denture that connects the artificial teeth with the soft tissue of the gums.


Edentulous is a term that applies to people who do not have any teeth.

Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a condition that causes inflammation of the gingival tissues and membrane of the teeth, leading to tooth loss without professional treatment.


Pontic is another term for an artificial tooth on a fixed partial denture.


Rebase is the process of refitting denture prosthesis by replacing the base material.


Reline is when a professional resurfaces the surface of the prosthesis with a new base material.


Resin and Acrylic are resinous materials that can be components in a denture base.


is the inflammation of the tissue that is underlying a denture that does not fit properly. It can also result from other oral health factors.

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Dental Care Tyson provides sedation dentistry for comfort, easing anxiety during dental treatments

Transformative All-on-4 implants for efficient tooth replacement solutions

Dental crowns protect, restore, and enhance teeth, ensuring functionality and aesthetics for patients.

Dentures are removable dental appliances used to replace missing teeth and restore oral function.

Dental veneers and laminates are thin shells placed on teeth to improve appearance and durability.

Transparent aligners for discreet, comfortable teeth straightening without traditional metal brackets.

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