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Teeth are one of the essential parts of one’s body. They are also one of the most prominent. Anything even slightly wrong with them can cause changes in physical appearance and people struggling with eating issues, severe pain, and irritation. Hence, everyone tries their best to keep their teeth clean so they can stay healthy.  

Oftentimes, to fix teeth, people visit dentists. In today’s date, dentistry has advanced in various ways, and you can get a fix for most of your dental problems.  

The need for dental fillings  

Dental fillings are done by dentists for people at a high rate nowadays. Many get their teeth filled in. This helps solve dental issues. But what dental issues require these teeth fillings, and when do you know you need one? 

The main reason behind needing a dental filling can be a cavity. A cavity is caused by tooth decay. If a person is eating too much sugar or other stuff that is harmful to their teeth, it will eventually cause tooth decay if the tooth is not being taken care of. There is a soft pulp in the middle of the teeth. A cavity often starts there because the pulp is easier to decay and go bad. Hence a composite dental tooth filling becomes necessary. 

Dealing with tooth decay 

Where there are other options to deal with tooth decay, one of the most thoroughly used is dental filling. This is a process that one can get done when their tooth can be saved and the decay hasn’t spread too much. But if the decay affects the entire tooth, then extraction is needed to remove the tooth altogether to stop it from spreading further.  

What is a dental filling? 

The process of filling in a tooth is called a dental filling. This is also known as dental restoration. As can be told by the name, dental restoration helps restore the tooth that has been affected. The cavity is filled in this process. A composite dental tooth filling not only restores the tooth’s structure but also prevents it from getting affected by a cavity again.  

Teeth implants can be done with a number of filling options. These can be: 

    • Gold fillings 

    • Silver amalgam 

    • Plastic 

    • Tooth-colored  

    • Resin filling 

Is my filling going to melt if I drink hot soup? 

Where a dental filling doesn’t necessarily melt away, there can be problems regarding them if you are not taking care. After a dental filling, you must avoid extremely hot or cold drinks and other edible things. If you drink hot soup right after you have gotten your dental fillings, this can cause the fillings to contract or expand. This can cause discomfort and end up ruining the process. 

You must consult your dentist and ask them how long you need to avoid such hot or cold items and until then, try to drink beverages that are either Luke warm or room temperature not to cause any issues.  

Can I eat after a white dental filling? 

Yes, you can. However, there needs to be precaution and surety that you must avoid eating anything for a few hours after your teeth are filled in white. But after those few hours, it is safe to continue eating. But it is still safer to ask your dentist about how long you need to wait before you start eating.  

It would be best if you didn’t forget to ask them about the diet. Or if there is anything you need, avoid eating for a bit longer. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Any dentist will be able to help you with a tooth filling, and you can visit your nearest one or head over to the Dental Center of Tyson Corner

Things to take care of after getting a dental filling: 

    • Avoid eating any hard food items as they can cause damage to your fillings 

    • Any chewy thing should be avoided as well 

    • Try not to grind your teeth or bite too hard into anything 

    • Brushing and flossing are not prohibited. You can carry on with your daily routine 

    • Avoid hot drinks or cold water 

    • Be careful while eating so as not to bite your tongue or the inside of your cheeks. 

Signs that show you need a tooth filling 

If you constantly feel tooth pain while eating or drinking anything, it must be a sign that you need a tooth filling. Not only that, but if there is a visible cavity in your teeth, you might need to get one. Eating can be one of the hardest things with a tooth cavity or decay; food particles might get stuck in the cavity and cause irritation, toothache, and further tooth decay.  

Consult your dentist immediately and get a composite dental tooth filling. After the consultation, you might even be able to choose the filling material that you need. As mentioned above, there are also several choices to choose from.  

A little more about dental filling 

There are many questions that people have about dental fillings. While most are about eating, some are about the procedure, the time it takes, and much more. A dental filling procedure is not a lengthy procedure. It usually takes about up to an hour to be done. After which you are free to go home. There are no side effects of getting your tooth filled in. You might feel a minor sensitivity in your teeth afterward, but that only stays for a little while and eventually fades out.  


If taken proper care of teeth after getting tooth filling, one’s filling can go up over 9-10 years before needing to be replaced. Avoid doing what your dentist advises you against for the first few hours or days and later be satisfied with the result. The pain subsides, and you get free of tooth decay and cavity problems. One can get several tooth fillings, too; it doesn’t just have to be one tooth.  

So if you have a tooth cavity that you think might be getting too hurtful or hard to handle, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible and get your options for a tooth filling in. A dental filling will restore the structure and keep your teeth healthy and strong. You can head out to the Dental Center of Tyson Corner and consult the dentists or book an appointment immediately to get your dental restoration done.