The Wand


Are you afraid to go to the dentist because the needle hurts?

Don’t worry—you’re not alone! We understand. Making you as comfortable as possible is important to The Dental Center of Tysons Corner. No one enjoys having needle injections so dental treatments can be carried out.

Traditional methods of freezing can be painful and afterwards, if too much is administered, it can be difficult to speak and embarrassing as you drool for the next several hours.

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner uses The Wand, a computerized local anesthetic delivery technique, which looks like a pen, to administer freezing. By using this new technology, the flow and volume of anesthetic being delivered is regulated and it offers more accuracy, freezing only the necessary area(s).

The Wand helps patients relax before, during, and after procedures. Beforehand, patients have confidence instead of anxiety; during treatment, they receive regulated medication to keep them comfortable; and afterwards, they can return to normal activity for the rest of the day.

Don’t let your fear of injections keep you away. Try The Wand for a comfortable, easy dental visit.

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