Laser Dentistry


Dr. Makarita was the first dentist in Oakton to utilize the Biolase Waterlase MD, a hard and soft tissue laser by Biolase Technology. With this technology, a variety of procedures can be performed, including cavity preparation, tooth etching, and a wide range of soft tissue (gum) procedures.

How does it work?

The Millennium system uses laser-energized water. It significantly improves your comfort in the dentist's chair, and causes no heat or vibration in your mouth, no drilling noises, or over-heating of your teeth. Remarkably, it also treats soft tissue gently and efficiently. The highly precise spray of air and laser-energized water particles, when directed at the tooth, rapidly remove enamel, dentin, and decay. With many procedures, it’s possible to use less anesthetic, and often no anesthetic at all.

It's More Convenient

With this technology, most dental procedures can be performed with no pain, virtually eliminating the need for anesthesia in most cases. The laser is very precise, so we can leave behind as much healthy tooth structure as possible. Dr. Makarita also performs numerous soft tissue (gum) procedures with little or no bleeding. Now you can have many procedures that previously required referral to a specialist performed at our office during your regularly scheduled appointment.

Lasers have long been the standard of care in medicine for many surgical and cosmetic procedures such as LASIK, wrinkle and hair removal and many others. Waterlase MD was approved for hard tissue procedures in 1998 and since has been cleared for numerous additional dental procedures. Since the laser is so precise, we can leave behind as much healthy tooth structure as possible.


Dr. Makarita uses the Waterlase MD which is a hard and soft tissue laser in many clinical situations.Dr. Makarita uses Biolase EZ-Lase to perform gum lifts and to treat other periodontal conditions
Dr. Makarita uses this small KAVO to detect decay.Dr. Makarita uses the KAVO Diagnodent to detect if decay is present in the teeth.
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