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X-Rays – can you treat me without them?

I worry about radiation from X-rays, especially for my young children.

That’s a valid concern—traditionally, X-rays were developed in a darkroom with hazardous chemicals, and then viewed on a special light board. The developed X-rays had to be stored, which required large filing systems. By far, the worst part of traditional X-rays was the radiation exposure to patients. Digital imaging has completely transformed this process.

Understanding your oral health

Our goal is your overall health and we don’t want to put it at risk with potential radiation from X-rays. At 3D Dental Solutions, we have found a way to maintain and improve your oral health, leading to better overall health, without using X-Rays. We’ve invested in a new way of looking into your mouth – a procedure that’s fast and incredibly precise.

Using digital radiography, we can clearly and accurately diagnose your dental problems. Even more amazing, we can immediately translate that information into a large, clear, accurate image, projected onto a monitor that you and the doctor can review together. This new technology improves and simplifies the way we care for our patients’ teeth, resulting in better dental evaluations and treatment decisions. You need to understand your oral health, as well as our recommendations for treatment. Digital radiographs help us help you.

Reduced Radiation, Radical Results

Now a tiny sensor is placed in your mouth to emit a small amount of radiation – up to 90-percent less than traditional X-rays required. This creates a detailed image of your mouth that is immediately viewable on a chair side monitor, carrying with it all the conveniences of other digitized images. We can rotate and magnify it, adjust it for contrast, and even color-code it for educational purposes. The digital images store easily and efficiently in our computer files, safe and sound. For insurance purposes, referrals, or patient education, digital X-rays can be easily, inexpensively, and accurately reproduced indefinitely.

Environmentally better

Digital imaging offers unparalleled benefits over traditional X-rays: they’re convenient, safe for the environment, can be transferred and copied accurately, and best of all, they’re safer for our patients.

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