I hate all that probing and digging. Isn’t there an easier way?

You’re right – there is! At The Dental Center of Tysons Corner, we use an easier way to find decay in your teeth. And it’s really important that we do find it. Decay can turn into gum disease, which if left untreated, can turn into periodontal disease, potentially causing or increase life-threatening health risks.

At The Dental Center of Tysons Corner we’re concerned about your overall health—not just fixing your teeth, so we use techniques and equipment to provide the best results for you. The old methods of decay detection through digging and probing are only 50 to 75 percent successful. Cavities can hide along lines and surfaces on your teeth. To make the process anxiety-free and comprehensive, we use DIAGNOdent, a revolutionary dental laser that finds cavities in the earliest stages.

Laser Reflection Spots Imperfections

DIAGNOdent technology uses a laser diode to uncover decay. First, we take a benchmark reading by aiming the laser onto one of your healthy enamel tooth surfaces, shining the laser into all suspect areas. As it pulses into grooves, fissures and cracks, the laser reflects fluorescent light of a specific wavelength and alerts us to a weakened area of decay, quickly and precisely identifying even the tiniest bit of decay.

This means shallower, simpler fillings, preserving more tooth structure, and providing a specific means of monitoring suspicious areas. No X-rays are required with DIAGNOdent, so patients don’t have to worry about radiation exposure.

Have a DIAGNOdent examination to spot any tooth decay before it turns into more serious problems. Remember, left untreated, a simple cavity could eventually ruin your health!

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