Is Your Life At Risk?


The doctors at The Dental Center of Tysons Corner will explain the big picture—the relationship between your oral health and the level of health the rest of your body has. We believe in working with the ‘whole’ patient to improve quality of life and health.

Taking care of your oral health by maintaining healthy teeth and gums will give you a bright smile. But it can also mean you could live longer. Generally, when people take good care of their health, it impacts the rest of their health, resulting in better quality of life and a longer life.

But most people don’t realize the connection between oral health, dental hygiene and overall health. If your oral health isn’t maintained, dental disease can occur and it can have a serious affect on your health.

Because of the importance of effective treatment, the doctors will test the DNA of the bacteria and pathogens that are causing your periodontal disease. It is the finest, most accurate technology available to identify and determine the proper treatment protocol to help ensure the fastest path back to health. As you will read throughout this section, our bodies are totally integrated. Each part of your body has a direct link to another organ system. We cannot think of our gum health separate from the rest of our body, overall health and well being.

So…potentially save your life by coming in and having a proper evaluation and diagnosis of your dental health. And remember, regular visits to your dentist are a necessary part of taking great preventive care of yourself. Review the video below to learn more about these important relationships.

What are the consequences of poor oral health?

Poor oral health can compromise your overall health by creating gum (periodontal) disease and tooth decay. Gum disease, which is painless and may go unnoticed, is difficult to get rid of once it starts and can result in a life-threatening outcome. 

What does untreated periodontal (gum) disease do?

  • Contribute to illnesses such as respiratory disease – the mouth can act as a breeding ground for respiratory pathogens, which are sometimes found in plaque in deep periodontal pockets.
  • Increase the risk of heart attack – there is an increased risk of 25% of coronary heart disease for people with advanced periodontitis.
  • Increase the risk of stroke by a factor of ten – the bacteria can create toxins that are associated with chronic infections, which may cause strokes.
  • Increase the risk and severity of diabetes – diabetes affects periodontal health; studies now show the reverse is also true; periodontal disease may affect diabetes. Severe periodontal disease may increase the risk of poor glycemic control. Diabetic patients with good oral hygiene are less likely to suffer stroke, transient ischemic attack and angina or myocardial infarctions.
  • Reduces life expectancy.
  • Contribute to low pre-term birth weights – research indicates 18% of all pre-term low birth weight cases could be caused by periodontal disease.
    Severely reduce the effectiveness of the immune system – by stressing the immune system with having to constantly battle periodontitis, the ability to fight other infections and more serious illnesses such as cancer are diminished.
  • Severely reduce the effectiveness of the immune system – by stressing the immune system with having to constantly battle periodontitis, the ability to fight other infections and more serious illnesses such as cancer are diminished.

Dental infections, especially those like long term periodontal disease and infected tooth roots, can impact and jeopardize medical treatment because the immune system is stressed. Regular dental check-ups are necessary for your oral health and your overall health. Research has proven the connection and it will show in your own health. The doctors at The Dental Center of Tysons Corner in McLean offers more than dentistry — taking everything into consideration when working with his patients.

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