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Can you help me NOW? I can’t take another night without sleep

You can’t take it anymore. Not a single more night of no sleep, not another day of stumbling through work, not another morning of facing an exhausted partner

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner offer several solutions to solve your sleep disorder problems. By treating this problem, many of your other health problems will be eliminated or reduced.

I’ve heard CPAP causes more problems than it’s worth?

CPAP stands for Continuous Airway Pressure or CPAP. Healthcare providers often recommend CPAP and sleep disorder centers as the solution to sleep apnea.

A specially designed mask is worn while you sleep which covers and nose and/or mouth, using a pressure feature to send air through the nasal passages. This prevents the throat from collapsing while asleep and eventually sleep apnea is eliminated and the patient can breathe, resulting in a better sleep.

This appliance is a temporary solution to sleep apnea and must be worn each and every night.

Although CPAP has close to a 100% success rate when it’s used properly, many people stop using it. It’s difficult to wear — claustrophobia and mask leak are two of the major complaints associated with it. As well, it has an effect on relationships — who wants to snuggle up to someone with an appliance covering his or her face?

CPAP also seems to cause irritated eyes and nose, dry mouth, sore throat and runny noses. After trying it for awhile, most patients end treatment and try another oral appliance therapy.

Where can I find a simple, easy-to-wear sleep solution?

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner have several options so you can get a good night’s sleep again. We also consult with medical doctors to find solutions to sleep apnea. Many of our patients find SomnoDent MAS to be the answer to their problems. An established and verified as a treatment for snoring and sleep apnea, it fits in the palm of your hand, allows you to open and close your mouth normally and is very comfortable to wear. 

Custom-designed to Fit You

SomnoDent MAS is a precision-fitted instrument that is custom-designed for each person to help stop snoring. SomnoDent MAS fits like a sports mouth guard over the lower and upper teeth. However, unlike a sports mouth guard, it is a clinically tested medical device.  In most cases, it is extremely effective preventing snoring and treating sleep apnea in the mild to moderate categories.

Why use SomnoDent MAS? Because its simple, easy-to-wear and comfortable! It’s the most comfortable and discreet mandibular advancement splint available on the market. It’s been clinically proven to effectively treat snoring and mild to moderate sleep apnea.

* Please note that we cannot guarantee success in all cases.

It’s cost-effective. For the price SomnoDent MAS provides quality, comfort, a proven solution, manufacturer’s warranty and durability. You won’t find a more comfortable appliance—it’s custom made to fit you, it won’t affect your tongue and you can open and close your mouth, just as you would normally, avoiding a dry throat and mouth.


What is CPAP?

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. As you sleep, a machine prevents snoring and helps to correct sleep apnea symptoms.

How does a CPAP work?

By forcing 
continuous airflow through the nose. A steady stream of air prevents airways from collapsing when muscles relax during sleep.

Can CPAP cure sleep apnea?

No. CPAP will not cure sleep apnea. It’s simply a temporary solution that prevents sleep apnea symptoms.

Do I need a prescription for CPAP treatment?


Are there alternatives to CPAP treatment?

Yes! Sleep apnea can be helped by change in diet or lifestyle. Oral appliances, which are devices used to reposition the jaw and the tongue are available. In severe cases, surgery may be required.

Do I have to use CPAP every night?

Yes. For CPAP to work, it must be worn every night and instructions must be followed—missing one night can result in sleep apnea episodes.

What if I have to travel?

The CPAP machine is portable. Talk to the airline before flying, to verify their policies and ensure it can be part of your carry-on luggage as it could be damaged in your checked baggage. For camping trips or road trips, there are battery powered options available or units which can be plugged into your car battery.

Will my insurance cover CPAP?

Most will cover CPAP, but coverage varies from company to company. Sleep apnea is considered a serious, life-threatening condition so most companies cover it as a preventative measure.

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