No More TMJ / TMD Pain


How can I get rid of this life-destroying pain?

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner can help you to get back the life you had. AtThe Dental Center of Tysons Corner, we look at the entire picture of what your health problems are, to ensure we get you back to optimal overall health.

To develop a diagnosis, The Dental Center of Tysons Corner and his team will examine you for signs and symptoms of TMD. You may also undergo:

  • X-Rays of your teeth and jaw joints
  • Detailed casts of your teeth
  • Neuromuscular testing: computerized jaw tracking, sonography, 8-channel electromyography, T.E.N.S.
  • Determining what a more “balanced bite” would be—where jaw muscles, jaw joints and teeth are balanced

Treating TMJ / TMD

Treating TMD means adjusting your bite position using orthotics. The Dental Center of Tysons Corner will determine the proper jaw position, using bite recordings. Once your proper jaw position has been found, you will:

Phase I

Wear an orthotic to relieve symptoms for at least three months, which allows the jaw system to heal. This phase of treatment may last a year or more.

Phase II

To complete treatment, it will be decided at the end of Phase I whether you will need to wear an orthotic long-term, have orthodontics and or porcelain restorations to ensure you remain pain-free and have a straight, natural looking smile.


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