How A Bad Bite Can Affect You


A misaligned bite can…and will cause you pain

Teeth can become loose, broken or worn down. This can be caused by the body’s attempts to compensate for a misaligned bite by clenching (bruxing) and grinding.

The TMJ is the most active joint in the body, in motion up to 2,000 times every day. We use this joint to breathe, chew, swallow and speak. In addition it directs the postural relationships of the head, neck, tongue, chin and hyoid, a small bone in the neck that supports the tongue. It is the only joint in the body that acts as a two-sided hinge. This means that any stress or misalignment on one side will reflect a disturbance on the other side.

The painful aspects of TMJ dysfunction or TMD, occur because of the connected areas like the sinuses, ear canal, oral cavity and teeth. This helps to explain why headaches, eye pain, sinus pressure, dental pain and even neck and shoulder pain can be caused by TMJ dysfunction.

Symptoms of a TMJ Disorder

  • Clicking & popping of the TMJ joint caused by lack of cartilage at the rear hinge point.
  • Grinding sounds caused by irregular bone surface at rear hinge point.
  • Headaches and migraine headache caused by pressure of ball (condyle) of joint pushing on weak bone structure at rear of joint.
  • Dizziness caused by lack of blood flow to brain when blood vessels are obstructed.
  • Ringing in the ears caused by pressure on the ear canal.
  • Excessive wear on teeth caused by stress of bruxing and grinding.
  • Severe pain all over head causing pinched nerves due to extreme misalignment of TMJ.
  • Pain in neck generally caused by stress on muscles due to misaligned bite.
  • Earache caused by pressure on the ear canal.
  • Sensitivity to light due to tri-geminal nerve connection with the eyes.

It is possible to have TMJ dysfunction for a long time without realizing it since often the symptoms, such as some of those above, seem unrelated to your jaw joint. When experiencing any of the above, please contact us for a 100% no-obligation, free consultation.

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