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My old fillings could be filling my body with toxins!

We know you thought you were doing what you were supposed to—practicing good oral health since you were a child. Regular dental check-ups, brushing and flossing, treating cavities by having them filled. Today, dentists understand mercury fillings may not be the best choice.

Besides being unattractive—who wants a mouth filled with black and silver—these old style fillings are made up of more than 50% mercury. That’s not a good thing. Mercury is an extremely toxic substance. Mercury fillings expand and contract when you eat or drink hot and cold foods, leading to cracks and gaps in and around your teeth.

These cracks are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria, potentially leading to decay and gum disease. For some people, mercury may cause additional health problems.

What’s the solution?

The doctors at The Dental Center of Tysons Corner consider the whole picture when reviewing your oral health concerns. They recommend white/composite fillings, which are metal-free and besides being much more attractive than the old metal fillings, don’t carry the same health risks. There are many reasons to consider metal free fillings, including:

  • No toxic metals
  • Almost invisible
  • No reaction to temperature (don’t conduct cold or heat easily)
  • No metal taste in your mouth
  • Strengthen teeth because they are bonded
  • Costs less than porcelain in the short term

There may be reasons when a white filling should be a porcelain filling.

  • Porcelain lasts 3 times longer than white fillings
  • They are stronger and hold the bite better than a white filling that is softer and wears against the opposite tooth.
  • A porcelain solutions can save a severely compromised tooth that has been cracked by the old silver filling. It completely surrounds the top of the tooth like a cast fits around a broken bone to heal it. It looks and feels like natural tooth structure.
  • Makes economic sense long term

Let The Dental Center of Tysons Corner give you the facts so you make a smart decision about your dental choices. Come to the dentist who does it all!

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