Lip Tack


When was the last time you smiled, really smiled?

With many patients, a lip tack or lip lowering procedure can give you the smile you are looking for. Often gum tissue removal and a lip tack are combined, creating a more natural, attractive smile.

How does it work?

If you are hiding your face and are self-conscious about smiling, a lip tack procedure will expose your teeth more evenly and the amount of teeth and gums that are exposed when you smile will be more evenly distributed.

A lip tack is a relatively noninvasive and risk-free procedure and generally results in your face looking more balanced and harmonious.

What are the risks involved?

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner will explain the procedure and the benefits and risks involved. A lip tack may be the answer for you to have a better quality of life and be more confident and self-assured.

Make a difference in your life by choosingThe Dental Center of Tysons Corner in McLean, Virginia to improve your oral health and have a better, healthier life. You won’t believe the difference!

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