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Facial Development

Do you hate how your jaw makes your face look? Symptoms of facial asymmetry (lack of balance and proper position) can include a retruded jawline, a lack of jaw definition, sagging jowls, and a large nose. A child or an adult who has a disruption of the proper growth and development of their jaws suffer because of the narrowing of their arches and teeth that are crooked and overlapped. Confidence erodes as the facial and smile deformities develop.

Many seek non-surgical ways to fix their face, chin, jawline and smile. Some of the causal factors that can morph the facial features can be allergies, enlarged tonsils and adenoids, a deviated septum, and/or enlarged and a blocked nasal filtration system called the Turbinates. Hereditary factors can also play a part in this jaw deformity. This is many times, a treatable condition.

Have you ever seen a beautiful child’s face begin to show signs of poor and improper jaw, tooth, and facial development and believe that there is no solution? There are non-surgical treatments designed to correct and guide proper jaw and facial growth and development that results in a good looking jaw line and a more proportioned face. What you also achieve is a 20% or longer life due to better breathing and oxygenation of your system and improved health overall. TMJ pain and associated degenerative problems can be avoided altogether.

Please look us up on, and relieve Pain section of this website for additional information regarding breathing disorders and TMJ and associated skeletal problems.

TMJ, Migraine, Head, Neck, Ear and Facial Pain and Distortion Problems

TMJ or Temporomandibular Joint disorders many times result in a jaw that is in a retruded, or set-back, position. This condition ages a person prematurely. Jawlines sag and lose definition and the parentheses around the mouth become more pronounced. The corners of the mouth turn down as the lips thin and the support for the lower portion of the face disappears. You look in the mirror, astonished and disappointed at the reflection staring back.

Many times there are painful side effects along with the aesthetic concerns. Due to the distortion of the skeletal structure, the surrounding muscles become fatigued may spasm causing head, face and neck pain. The jaw joints click, snap, crackle and pop as the joint space becomes compressed causing changes to the bones in the TMJ. This can also translate into stuffiness, fullness, ringing or pain in the ears. Others may suffer from dizziness, migraines and headaches. Dentally speaking, they may experience a shortening, wearing and sensitivity from grinding of teeth and bone loss called recession. By properly evaluating and restoring a patient’s supportive oral and cervical (upper spinal) anatomy, it is possible to alleviate the pain, reposition the retruded chin and jaw forward, creating a more youthful non-surgical jaw enhancement and correction.This treatment helps to correct facial asymmetry, sagging jowls and jaw deformity all while it relieves TMJ, head, neck, ear and face pain.

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