Appearances Count


Research shows attractive people get promotions more often…

From day one, when you walk into that job interview and nail it because you are confident and show it with a brilliant white smile to six months down the road, when you get your first promotion, that first impression will set you on the road to success.

The Law of Beauty

Have you ever thought about why you are attracted to certain people? Why one face catches your eye and another doesn’t? The response to beauty takes less than a second, 150 milliseconds to be exact. It’s true, that’s all it takes for your subconscious to scan and decide whether a face is attractive or not. It’s a normal and healthy biological response.

Golden proportion

What determines whether a face is handsome or beautiful is something called the law of golden proportion. It’s about balance and proportion. When your face is proportionate and balanced, it will be considered beautiful by someone looking at you. Beauty is also broken up into four basic elements: symmetry, clarity, harmony and vivid color.

Try it, next time you notice an attractive face, look at it and see if you can tell whether it’s proportionate and fits the four basic elements. These elements are found everywhere in nature.

Biological imperative

We’re hard-wired to notice beauty and to respond to it. We’re naturally attracted to healthy and beautiful people. It’s nature’s way of populating the earth and has been in our genes since the beginning.

Allow beauty to come into your life. It’s essential to your success. With the attention paid to symmetry, form and shape found in nature, combined with the latest cosmetic dentistry and smile rejuvenation techniques, you can have a more beautiful smile

And…having an attractive smile can keep you out of the doctor’s office. A great smile usually means your oral health is being maintained, and that means you aren’t in pain and having to see your doctor.

The doctors at The Dental Center of Tysons Corner can give you the straight white smile you’ve always dreamed of. And help you get that job or raise, ramp up the romance in your life and keep you healthy.

150 milliseconds. That’s all you need for someone to have a positive response to your appearance. And that can be the difference between getting the job, the new boyfriend or girlfriend or that new client.

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