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How can I walk around with a mouthful of metal at my age?

You can relax – we’ve come out of the dark ages as far as braces are concerned! The Dental Center of Tysons Corner offer a number of orthodontic solutions for all ages – whether you are an adult or a child. Today’s braces are a long way from the old mouthful of heavy metal and even if you need brackets and wires, the brackets can be made of porcelain. The Dental Center of Tysons Corner quick, effective and “almost invisible” orthodontic solutions.

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner want you to understand there are more reasons than appearances to consider braces. Yes, an attractive smile is important to all of us. But misaligned teeth can cause many problems — gum disease and a bad bite which can lead to severe headaches, sleep problems and neck, jaw and back pain.

By correcting orthodontic problems early, you can minimize or avoid more serious problems down the road. It has been recommended by The American Dental Association(ADA) that all children have their first orthodontic exam by age seven, or earlier, if there are concerns.

Should my child wait until (s)he has stopped growing to get braces?

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner don't recommend waiting. It can be more difficult to correct the damage later and surgery may have to be considered, which everyone wants to avoid. If your child has misaligned teeth, decay and potentially gum disease can occur, starting him on the road to poor health. 

I’m a professional, with a busy career — I don’t want to have a mouth full of metal and I don’t have a lot of time. What can I do?

If you have been advised you need braces, The Dental Center of Tysons Corner highly recommend that you proceed so your quality of life is not affected. Braces can eliminate and/or prevent a headache and jaw, neck and back pain. They will also eliminate gaps in your teeth where bacteria can grow.

The Dental Center of Tysons Corner offers quick and effective treatment with ‘almost invisible’ braces. Most people won’t even notice you have braces and we strive to keep your dental visits to a minimum.

Don’t put your life at risk by skipping regular visits. AtThe Dental Center of Tysons Corner, we help you to remove those risks and to have a better quality of life.

Make a difference in your life by choosingThe Dental Center of Tysons Corner in McLean, Virginia to improve your oral health and have a better, healthier life. You won’t believe the difference!

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