The Shading of Your Smile

Regardless of what your smile needs (cosmetic improvement, tooth restoration, even dentures), there’s one thing you’ll want when we’re done: attractive, natural-looking teeth.

Getting teeth to look their natural best comes from the shape and color assessments we make throughout the procedure. Color depends of tooth size and thickness, location in the mouth, your skin and eye coloring—even your age.

Aren’t Natural Teeth “white”?

The best looking teeth, like gems, exhibit many different tones and hints. They’re lighter towards the front and center, deepening in shade towards the molars which receive (and reflect) less light. Silver amalgam in the mouth can have long effect on apparent tooth color—and a good reason for considering a more flattering tooth-colored filling.

A lot of the whiteness you see in teeth is actually light reflecting off translucent enamel.

If you thought teenagers were more likely to have brighter smiles than adults—you’re right. It’s because their crystalline enamel layer (surrounding the darker dentin layer) has not yet been worn down through years of chewing and brushing. When light can’t reach deeply into the tooth, it loses that sparkle. It’s then the dentist’s job to recreate the illusion through coloring.

There’s a lot we can do to lighten the color and improve the appearance of your smile! So please don’t hesitate to contact us for a consultation.

H.R. Makarita

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