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There are always days when you feel lethargic and tend to be negligent towards your health. Sometimes this includes not taking care of your oral hygiene as well. Today you will be learning reasons why you should not skip your dental cleaning.  

Reasons why people are careless towards Oral Hygiene? 

It is often said that your first impression is your last impression. Usually, physical appearances play a key role in building your first impressions. Among these, your teeth come on top. But people are often careless towards their oral hygiene. We have concluded some reasons why 


    1. Avoiding Ache-.One of the root causes of why people do not visit a dentist is that they are afraid of the pain that comes with it. In movies and cartoons, dental clinics are portrayed as some place for torture. This fear of pain makes people avoidant of their dental health and they do not visit a dentist unless it becomes necessary.  


    1. High-priced Treatments- Although taking care of oral health is necessary, one cannot nullify the reality that going to a dentist is very expensive. The treatments they offer, even the minimal ones cannot be afforded by all. This is one of the main reasons why some people want to go for a dental cleaning but are unable to. 


    1. Ashamed of Treatment- Sometimes people are raised in a society where they are told to prioritize others’ concept of you more than yours. As a result, people become self-conscious and sensitive about going to dentists. Some people try to take good care of their oral health but fail due to unhealthy food habits and other routines. That is why they are ashamed of visiting a dentist. This is another reason for not going for dental cleaning.  


    1. Occupied at something- As someone who has been in the dental field for a long time, we receive a lot of calls from people saying “I last visited my dentist several years ago” or “I couldn’t schedule an appointment with my dentist due to busy work routine” etc. Dental treatments indeed require a part of your day with you doing absolutely nothing and sitting in the dentist’s office. Even after scheduling appointments, people don’t show up because they can’t spare a few hours for their oral health. I would say this includes taking oral hygiene for granted which will require more time later. Hence, if you cannot go for long sessions at least scheduled for dental cleaning every 3 or 6 months.  

Reasons you should not skip your Dental Cleaning 

If you’d notice that everything nowadays is being displayed on social media. People posts pictures and videos of themselves to keep their followers updated about their life. To maintain this balance on social media, people flaunt and focus more on the outlook of everything. When it comes to your beauty, the heart of it lies in your smile. And teeth make your smile beautiful and captivating.  

Hence, there are several reasons why one should always be conscious about taking care of their dental health.  


    1. Preventing any Health Issues: With the advancement of time and changes in trends, people have started practicing unhealthy food habits. Such habits lead to the early downfall of your teeth. Hence, brushing two times a day is not enough. One should always maintain good oral health along with professional dental cleaning and help. We take showers daily or at least twice a week to avoid skin and body problems. 

Similarly, to avoid oral problems one should keep the mouth clean. Several diseases can occur due to poor dental health. For example, periodontal disease (a disease of gums) can lead to thinning of arteries and ultimately lead to heart problems if prolonged. Then the bacteria that cause gum disease can travel toward your lungs and cause lung diseases. Research has shown that 95% of people who suffer from diabetes also showed gum diseases.  


    1. To Avoid Cavities: We have been aware of cavities since we were children. Parents often mention cavities to their children to stop them from eating a lot of sweet food. Cavities are black hollow holes that have food resins trapped inside of them. These can be very painful during the chewing process. But regular dental cleaning can help you to avoid these future risks.  


    1. Help in Early Diagnosis: Sometimes people are so negligent of their dental health that they ignore initial symptoms and inconveniences related to oral health. People are often diagnosed with oral cancer or periodontal gum disease later in life when the disease is too severe to be treated fully. Regular visits or appointments with dentists can lead to early detection of disease and a patient can start the treatment early.  


    1. Stained Teeth: Unhealthy food practices can lead to several dental issues. Soft drinks and energy drinks i.e., coca cola, and the red bull can lead to stained teeth. This will cause discoloration of your teeth or will leave stains on them that will create a bad outlook on your teeth. Hence, it is important to go for your dental cleaning regularly.  


    1. Gum Disease: One of the very common gum diseases is periodontal disease. In this disease, a swelling or infection is surrounding your gums that can lead to bleeding of the gums. Initially, the gums bleed but then they tend to detach from teeth (bones) and the teeth can fall. This disease is one of the most common diseases among adults in the USA. Periodontal disease can lead to other diseases as well. This is a leading condition among women. Hence, to avoid such situations go for a dental checkup. 


    1. Bath Breath: Some people complain that they brush their teeth regularly and still have bad breath. This can be caused by various reasons i.e., stomach problems or sometimes incomplete cleaning of teeth. Some areas of teeth are hard to reach manually. Hence, dentist appointments can help with the proper cleaning of teeth.  


    1. Tooth Infections: It is important to go for regular checkups to avoid any tooth infections as well. Or else your teeth will slowly start to decay.  

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